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“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”¬† By Dr. Seuss

I chose this quote because often in life we take time with family and friends for granted. Lately I’ve noticed how many times people think they will have someone¬† forever until one day their gone and we just have the memory’s left.

YouTube Video:

I chose this video because I like the song ‘I want it that way’ and when i searched up a lyric video, this came up. I thought it would be funny if i used this video instead.


Image result for SUNSET with friends

I chose this image because I always wanted a friendship like this. This friend group looks like best friends, and like they had a great day together. Friendship is important to me because those are the people you have when you can’t turn to others.


Terry Fox

I chose this hyperlink because Terry Fox is my home school, and this was an easy way to get to the school website.