Caitlin Whitson


Favourite Quote:

You must always remember…

You are braver than you believe.

Stronger than you seem.

and Smarter then you think

       -Christopher Robin 

I chose this quote by Christopher Robin because it tells you that you are braver, stronger and smarter then you think. Everyone thinks at some point that they can’t accomplish something, but nothing is impossible as long as you be brave, strong and smart and do not give up.  It tells everyone that you are better than you think.



Favourite Inspirational Video:

I chose this Disney Inspirational Video because it tells you so many important things. One of topics they say is to believe in hard work. Hard work can get you many places, such as jobs or dreams. Overall I just really enjoyed this video and motivated me to do so much more. 

Inspirational Photo:

This photo basically says kick the “IM” out of the “IMPOSSIBLE” so it says possible. You can do anything! And anything is possible.

Inspirational Website

I chose this website because it is about my great grandmother. She is Indigenous, and very proud. She went through so many times and did so many amazing things. She is like a hero to me and inspire what she did.