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About me

Hey there, my name is Dana Kim. And as you can see, I am grade 9 Terry Fox student. And let me introduce myself to you.

I was born in California at 2005, December 17th. And I would describe my life as “Generation”. It doesn’t seems like it is changing but it is definitely changing. same with my life, I can’t see the difference between yesterday and today, But if I compare me as kindergarten and now, I can see the huge difference. And not only the appearance, The way I think, and the way I look at the world also changes.  However, there is one thing that doesn’t change, it is “drawing”.(actually, “design” would be more right word.)The reason I’m saying this is because like everything’s keep changing: like things I hate and things I like. And When I get sick of something, I just quit.

However, I am obsessed with design since kindergarten and until now. But, my favorite kind of design is, “Fashion design”. I wasn’t interested at Fashion designing until I saw huge runway from youtube. I was fascinated by unique outfits. And it didn’t took me to have dream of “fashion designer”. I would use my head, sketch book, or ipad to make my own design. I think lots of peoples are helping me with my decision And I know that lots of peoples are supporting me and also loving me. And I will try my best to repay those kindness of other peoples.


Drawing                                                                        My drawing from my ipad

                                                                    Design from my sketch book

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