About Me

I, Elisha Kim, am a 9th grade student attending at Terry Fox secondary school located in Port Coquitlam. I currently also live in Port Coquitlam with my Family which consists of my mom and dad, an older brother, and also a younger brother. I’m at school half the time but in my free time, I spend my free time Watching YouTube (Ben Deen), playing games, and spending time outside playing sports or just eating. I’ve put,” Ben Deen” in brackets there and have added a link to my favorite video of his to imply that I watch him a lot on YouTube.

“Be everything for you, not everything to everybody” said Lisa Lieberman-Wang. I chose this quote because I feel like I care more about what other people think other than focusing on myself and I just feel like this quote is a friendly reminder for myself.


I chose this music video because I just loved this song and wanted to share my interests amongst the people who see this blog.

Twomad | T.W.O.F Wiki | Fandom

I chose this picture because this man had provided me the entertainment I needed when I wasn’t feel good and has just inspired me to become a more fun person.

TFS Digital Learning

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