About Me

“You can never plan the future by the past.” – Edmund Burke

I like this quote because it shows how even though you may make mistakes you shouldn’t look back but always think how you can do better in the future. This quote gives me hope for the future and it is inspiring.

This video is inspiring and important. Whenever anyone is feeling down and bad about themselves this video helps get some perspective. This video talk about how you should never give up even when things get hard. It talks about how things get difficult for everyone and they just need to find the courage to keep going.

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This image is inspiring and it makes me happy because i was born in a place where i would go to the beach every day and just lay down enjoy the sun rays and listen to the beach waves. This image is relaxing and calming.

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I chose Netflix because it is a fun website with a lot of different movies and shows that help me relax and forget about the everyday stress. it is an important website for people all over the world because every one needs some time to release the stress and have fun with their family friends or by themselves.