About me

Quote: “Never limit yourself, never be satisfied.” Jenny Finch.

I chose this quote because it’s from someone i look up to in softball. She has played on many teams and is a medal winning Olympian. It inspires me to never stop trying, and to keep working on things i want to achieve, even if someone tells you your not good enough. It’s also saying that if you think you achieved something you still want to keep working, don’t stop.


Video:  I chose this video because it keeps me motivated and tells me to not make excuses about things I haven’t completed.


Picture:  I chose this photo because it shows one of my greatest accomplishments.  One of my softball goals was to win nationals one year, and I’m so proud that I reached it. We battled hard with a Quebec team that ended up being a 9 inning game and we won 1-0, and that game took us right to the finals where we played the same team again and beat them 3-0 in 5 innings. We were all so proud and happy and went to go celebrate back at our hotel. This photo was taken in Montreal, right after the last out to win Nationals.


Hyperlink:  Google Link

I chose this link because this is such an important website. I use this website all the time for school research purposes and it’s very helpful. It can also help me understand vocabulary and definitions that i may not understand. I can access many websites given to me by teachers using this one link.