My Digital Citizenship


1. Describe a bullying situation from one of the resources above. What does the situation cover?

Fake accounts – This entails that someone is making fake accounts of you or about you to cause drama and you or other people. there is almost always no way to tell who made the account and if the account does get shut down they could always just make a new one.

2. What strategies does the resource show to deal with these types of situations?

You should defend yourself by immediately blocking and reporting the accounts. you should also tell your friends about the situation to clear things up. you obviously wouldn’t want them to think it was you. doing these things will most likely eventually make the person who is making the fake accounts stop.

3. In your own words, what do you think it means to be a Digital Leader?

I think being a digital leader means to be a good role model online. to set an example for other people by behaving appropriately on things like social media. some things you could do to achieve this are, don’t send mean messages, don’t send embarrassing pictures or don’t ghost people etc.