About Me

Meaningful Quote
“Talent is useless if you don’t put in the hard work”


i choose this quote because when I played soccer he was my favourite player and it meant a lot when he said this to prove that even when you have a lot of skill and talent in something if you just don’t put any time into what your doing it will never be as good as someone who did.

Favourite Video:
I choose this video because it shows me how someone can be so determined to get something done even when there is no hope left. He could have gave up but instead he tried and persevered through the terrible challenges and changed the world forever.

Inspiring Picture:



I choose this picture because Hawaii was the very first place I went on an airplane and that was an important moment in my life because i had a fear of travelling like that and I eventually overcame it.

I chose YouTube because I used to watch a lot of YouTube and it meant a lot because I learned a lot of things from YouTube that I still know today