Reflection 3

Delete All and Redesign When Finished

Course Name: Spanish 9

Course Teacher: Mrs.Miranda


1. List off ALL the functional procedures you used inĀ this class?

Using a search engine

Accessing a school website

Sending a link

Using learning games (Kahoot, Quizlet Live)

Learning in class via projector and notes onscreen

Accessing work on multiple devices (ie. at home and at school)

Sending/responding to an emailCollaborating online

Cutting/pasting text, pics or links


2. Describe one digital tool or resource you found useful in this class. How did you use it and why was it useful?

I find learning through playing competitive games such as Kahoot and Quizlet Live really boosts my understanding of the Spanish words and phrases we learn. The competitive nature of them makes it exciting and drives me to want to learn and comprehend the words better so that I can win the games. They get the whole class excited to learn and helps with memorising the words for upcoming tests or assignments.

3. Describe a tool, app, or resource you are hoping to use in the future. What would you use it for?

In the future for Spanish, I hope that we can utilise Teams and Office 365 as a good tool and helping hand when we need it. As of right now, we have to use it for most likely the rest of the school year due to being in quarantine for Covid-19, so i think that what I am hoping for is going to happen already.