A little about me

One day, you’ll leave this world behind, So leave a life you will remember.”  -Avicii

This is one of my favourite quotes because I want to be remembered for who I am, not who I was supposed to be. Ever since Avicii died, his music is still in my heart. It’s practically a musicians rule.



Whenever I want to watch memes and listen to music, this is one of my go to videos. Davie504 always makes me laugh. (Slap a like NOW!)


Related image

This picture is powerful to me because it forces me to remember that I should always have fun while performing on stage with my band, Hickelstock. Steve Vai is one of the greatest guitarists ever and he inspires me to practice guitar more often.



This is my band’s Facebook page. I like it because when I tell people about Hickelstock, I can direct them to our page.  We usually perform at different city events and sometime fundraisers.

Don’t forget to follow us to find out where we are performing next.