My First Reflection (Social Studies)

Course Name: Social Studies

Course Teacher: Ms. Corsi

For my first reflection, I am choosing to do it on social studies when we did our google my maps assignment. I used a search engine when I searched for a photo to put in my location. I had to upload/download photos from my iPad to the pin point location. At first, it was kind of hard but when I started doing it, it got a lot easier. It actually got kind of fun after a while. I had to also send a link to Ms. Corsi so she could see it and the way we did it, I’ve never done before so it was kind of cool to learn a new way to send links. I also accessed the my google maps assignment at home and did it on my iPad and I did it at school. I found the search engine useful in this class because when I searched a location picture up to download it, sometimes the specific picture didn’t download so then I could find a new picture of that location. The nice thing about the search is that multiple pictures showed. I am hoping to use more copying and pasting for power point and word.