About Me


1) Favorite quote:

There are two wolves battling us all right now.. One is good the other one's evil. If you are wondering which wolf will succeed simple, it's the one you feed.
-Ronnie radke
 I chose this quote because it is very true and is a lot of times how we all make our decisions and our thought process. And is very important to remember

2) Favourite Video:

I chose this video because I find it quite forward and direct, a lot of times people have troubles talking about these things, though this video was made so perfectly in such a short amount of time. The girl is trying to tell her mom but she can’t which happens a lot all over the world (with males as well) and it is something I wish we (as the public) could focus more on.

3) Inspiring Picture:


I chose this image because I am personally a huge fan of him and his songs as well as he inspires me, he went through a lot and he didn’t deserve his demons. While he was struggling he still made music just for the public so we can enjoy, that truly inspires me that no matter what you should never give up.

4) Create a Hyperlink:


I chose vogue because I appreciate how they don’t discriminate against anyone and are very forward in the times and include a lot of interesting topics and have been pushing rights for such a long time.

5) Self Assessment: 

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