About Me (Math 9)

My first reflection is about math 9. In math we get to use an app called teams which you can talk to people and do assignments on. After every unit we have a test and get a piece of paper before the test which is called a reference sheet. I think that the reference sheet really helps because you can write formulas, rules and steps so if you get stuck on a question you have your reference sheet right beside you. Sometimes when i have a math test coming up i will use an app called Quizlet which will help me practice and do a mini test on. After i finished the mini test it would give me a percentage and how many questions i got wrong. When we got our first assignment on teams i didn’t know how to do it so i went to the library and asked for help. After a teacher helped me i started to get better at it and finished my first assignment. I really think that Quizlet is fun to use if you have a test or quiz coming up.


1.Some days are just bad days, that’s all. You have to experience sadness to know happiness, and i remind myself that not every day is going to be a good day, that’s just the way it is. -Johnny Weir.

I chose this quote because its true everyone will always have a bad day even though you think your day is going to be good it sometimes will not be. I also chose it because i always remind myself that just because Im going to be doing fun stuff at school doesn’t mean its going to be a good day.



I chose this video because i like to watch soccer and play it. I also chose this video because the song went really well with the whole video and goals they scored.



I chose this picture because Barcelona is one of my favorite teams to watch and play on FIFA. I also like Barcelona because my favorite player is Messi and i always wanted to meet him in real life but never had the chance.



I chose this hyperlink because i play soccer and the club i play for is Poco Euro Rite. I think that Poco Euro Rite is a nice club because they have spring soccer camps and other fun stuff you can do while the season is over.