October 30

About Me



My Quote
“Without pain, how could we know joy?”- John Green. I choose this because this is very true about joy, if you are happy all day, sometimes you don’t even know you are happy if you never taste pain.  


 My Favorite Video
I love this video because I found this really satisfying by the music and it is really cool to watch when he catch all the dots. It is like doing your homework while your teacher collects it.

An interesting image

Image result for which came first, the chicken or the egg

I found this picture super funny because scientists are trying to get the answer for it, and it is a problem no one can solve it, but it is also very interesting to think about.


This website is special to me because this is my elementary and middle school. It has a lot of pictures of me and my friends on it. And I have a lot of fun memories of this school, and I really miss my school.