About Me


“Direction is so much more important than speed. Many are going fast nowhere. 

-Author Unknown. 


This quote explains that getting things done fast, doesn’t mean you will always be the one winning, because you might be doing it fast but it doesn’t assure if you are doing it right. 

It means to me because sometimes I need to be reminded that I don’t need to be the first at everything, I need to check if I’m doing things in the right way, because if not the effort is not worth it. 

I chose this video because the first time I saw it, I didn’t understand the problem or why it was that way. I really like it and I feel it gives you others perspectives of life and how people sometimes can be. And it was the first thing I thought about and I think it’s a nice story.

I chose this picture because it inspires me to change and to be a better person.

A plane takes you to different new places in a matter of hours, and change can take time, but when it comes, you are different and new.
It reminds me that I change many times, but never to be worse, I always tried to be a better version of myself.



I chose this website because is the one I use to search for everything, and I can find everything I like to do. I also chose it because is where you can find other websites, and I use it most of the time.