About Me

1) Meaningful Quote:

“Don’t be afraid of failure. This is the way to succeed.” -LeBron James

I chose this quote because so many people, including myself make mistakes in almost everything they do, but that is how you get better at things. If you never fail, then you will never get better since you will never learn anything new, or learn what to do differently. For example, you can be the best soccer player in the world, but it doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes, you would still have to practice, because that is what makes you better. The difference between easy and hard is practice.


2) Embedded Video:

I chose this video because it shows the importance of effort and motivation you need in your life to reach your goals. It inspires me that if I want to achieve something, I need to try my hardest, and if I fail, I can learn and get better.


3) Inspiring Picture:

Canada's Women Win Their Nation's First Olympic Soccer Gold Since 1904

This picture might just seem like a team hugginghttps://www.spotify.com/us/ each other, but it’s actually the Canadian Women’s Olympic soccer team after they won the gold metal in the Olympics. I chose this picture because I saw all of the hard work and effort that they put in to win gold, and I think that hard work and effort is what makes people successful.


) Create a Hyperlink:

  • Create a hyperlink to a website that is important to you
  • Explain why you chose this hyperlink.
  • What is a hyperlink?  It is text that you can click!
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgmU6OcYC9U
  • For more detailed information how to create a hyperlink click here

4) Create a Hyperlink:


I chose this hyperlink because it is where I listen to music, and when I listen to music it helps me focus on doing things.


5) Self Assessment:

Digital Learning Curricular Competency: Communication 

About Me Page 

Proficiency Level Description  Reflection Questions for Students: 

1 – Attempting 

Creates a simple message using some digital tools. 


Describe the digital learning goal(s) in this assignment . 


The digital learning goals on this assignment are creating a hyperlink, inserting an image, changing the theme, and checking the criteria. 






2 – Developing 

Able to Identify digital tools, apps, and procedures used when creating the message. 



Identify the digital tools, apps and procedures you used to complete this assignment. 


For this assignment, I used the provided blog website, YouTube for the video, and I copied and pasted the links into the blog. 






3 – Proficient 

Blends the message and the media digitally, to effectively communicate ideas in a digital medium, while using all the digital tools encouraged for this assignment. 



Did you successfully copy the link to your published page and upload it to MS Teams?  


Yes, I successfully copied the link for my blog. 

4 – Extending 

Prepares and shares a creative, positive, informative and useful online portfolio that is available for discussion, peer review and/or collaboration. 


Fully and thoughtfully completes the self-assessment. 


What part of this assignment are you most proud of? And what would you improve if you did it again? 


On this assignment, I am most proud of using the instructions to create a theme for my blog and being able to put it together by making it flow. However, something I would do differently would be to ask questions if I am confused or need help on something instead of figuring it out by myself. 






What overall grade do you feel you have achieved on this assignment? Explain. 


I feel like I have achieved an “A” on this assignment because I tried my hardest to go above and beyond expectations, and I put a lot of effort into it. I also used my class time very well to complete this assignment and didn’t get distracted.