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I chose this quote because it reminds that the mistakes I make today will not affect me anytime in the future. The mistakes I make are learning points in my life and the only way to get past them is to learn from them. The quote tells me that I will get a fresh start tomorrow and I shouldn’t worry about the choices and mistakes I made in a certain day. But instead I should focus on the choices I will make the next day and learn from yesterdays mistakes.

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I chose this video because it inspires me to be a better hockey player and teammate. I hope to one day be close to the skill level of some of the players in the NHL. I also hope to one day be have a great understanding of the game like many of the players in the video above.

Inspiring Picture:

Sedins to have numbers retired by Canucks in February

I chose this picture because it inspires me to be the best version of myself in all aspects of my life, whether that is hockey, photography, school and at home. Both Henrik and Daniel Sedin inspire me to get better and work hard on my hockey skills.




I chose this hyperlink because I use it almost everyday to buy and look at products. Whether that is photography gear, birthday or Christmas gifts and sometimes things for myself.

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