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“Your never a loser until you quit trying”

I choose this quote because it is true for most sports, what its saying is that as long as you keep trying and never quit you will never be a loser. This quote goes farther then sports as this quote could be used for almost anything.

I choose this video because this is super cool to see. As it is very hard to hit a half court shot in the NBA. This inspires me to be a better basketball player.


I choose this picture because this is a signature moment in not only Canadian history but Canada in general. This was when the Canadian men’s soccer team scored against Mexico in world cup qualifying to make it 2-0 and if Canada makes the world cup this is the moment everyone will remember.

Team Canada's 'Snowbank Celly' Goes Viral With Win Over Mexico | Complex CA

I chose this hyperlink because I love hockey I watch it with my dad all the time and I always use NHL.com to check the scores.

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