All About The Creator

My name is Daniel Chris Duncan, a student at Terry Fox Secondary School. I got many different personalities of myself, and they alternate around different people. I describe myself as an extrovert. I am a well-known figure in the Terry Fox Community. Whether it is my past mistakes, or my well-known presence here, I personally well give props to the school for a safe community and a fun place to work. I love how most students and staff respect the Four Pillars of our school. I describe myself as a loyal, fun, chill, and calm person to be around. I joined the football team for a new, fresh experience to try. Unfortunately, due to time management issues, my position as a wide receiver came to an end. I still roam around and search for clubs and sports teams to join.

Daniel Chris Duncan taking pictures with his family in Brantford, Ontario after the church service

What’s Of Importance & Inspiration

Something that inspires me in life is music. The art and craft of music is delicate, and people highly underestimate the power of music. In music, one really intriguing genre is Hip-Hop. There are many different subgenres of hip-hop (trap, lyrical, hyperpop, drill etc.). It can be delivered in different ways through the acts of media to mass audiences. For me, what is of importance to me is treating others the way you want to be treated and to be unique. We live in a world where you can be heavily criticized for being different. We also live in the world with hypocrites where they can do certain things others can do (exceptions are cultural, race, and gender preferences) More Information on the Influence of Music

Daniel Duncan’s Displays Of Work

Life Advice

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”                                                                                                                                      – Dolly Parton The “rainbow” represents the reward and result you want. The “rain” is the hard work and dedication you put in to get the reward you want. Results don’t just come easy; you have to work hard for it.

What STEAM is & Why I Joined It

I believe that STEAM is a program with many great opportunities and options. Great working space and an unfamiliar working experience that can develop working habits. Why I joined STEAM is to have a new experience with the same subjects I used to love as a child. When it’s either Math, Science, or Tech Explorations, I believe that you should be able to try new things to get out of your comfort zone.