About Me

1) Meaningful Quote:

“Until you start believing n yourself you ain’t gonna have a life”- Rocky Balboa

I grew up with rocky in my life because my dad and I are big fans of his, we shared a bond over him. This particular quote is meaningful to me because my dad always says to believe in yourself first before anything. Some people don’t realize how important it is to believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself you really can’t live, no one will believe in you either and won’t have high expectations from you. To get through life you need you and yourself only. Believing in yourself is a strong mentality you need to develop or if you are lucky you have from birth. 

2) Embedded Video:

The reason behind why chose this video is because I’ve always loved cars. These are the only videos I truly enjoy watching. Seeing all the different cars racing each other is always entertaining for me. It goes from the nicest, fastest cars to regular cars you see on a daily basis. It gives off certain adrenaline when watching. Hope one day I can watch in person or be the driver in the race.


3) Inspiring Picture:

this photo below is inspiring to me because Daria Bilodid is my idol judoka. She’s a Ukrainian gold medalist worldwide in 2019. in the summer 2020 Olympics, she got the bronze medal. In this photo, she won one of her challenging matches yet. Both of her parents are her coaches, so she grew up with judo in her life but her mom is her biggest supporter and goes to each match with her. the reason why she’s my idol is that I can really relate to her, my dad is my coach and I’ve grown up with judo in my life. My dad is my biggest supporter and I hope one day I can be as successful as Daria. She inspires me to move forward, it’s my dream to be like her and to follow in her footsteps one day and make my dad as proud as she makes her mom.

4) Hyperlink:


Pinterest, it’s like google and Instagram but better. Need help decorating your home? need a new wallpaper? need a quote? want some edited pictures? need inspiration on new hairstyles, outfits?  Pinterest is your answer. they have anything you need. I can spend hours on the app without realizing it. they have cool pictures and short videos of my dream cars. you can save them and make multiple folders on the app itself.



5) Self Assessment:

  • Find the self-assessment document in Microsoft Teams
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