1) Meaningful Quote:

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them” -Walt Disney. I chose this quote because it relates to me the most because that’s what I tell myself a lot so it will happen eventually for me.

2) Embedded Video:



I chose this video because The 100 digits of pie reminds me of my friend from grade 6.

3) Inspiring Picture:

See the source image

I have chosen this picture because this reminds me of what I would do when I was around this age. I would probably still do this at the age of 14 if I could fit my arms into the whole boot, sadly I cannot.

4) Create a Hyperlink:


Cool Math Games link is very important to me because I have went on Cool Math Games since I was around the age of 7 or 8. It is a fun website where I can learn and have fun.

5) Self Assessment:

Proficiency Level Description  Reflection Questions for Students: 

1 – Attempting 

Creates a simple message using some digital tools. 


Describe the digital learning goal(s) in this assignment . 


Putting all my effort into my work and remembering to double check for spelling/grammar mistakes before handing it in. 





2 – Developing 

Able to Identify digital tools, apps, and procedures used when creating the message. 



Identify the digital tools, apps and procedures you used to complete this assignment. 


The tools I used was all google because I couldn’t think of any other ways to think of inspirational videos, pictures, and quotes. Next time I will try and use my head instead of google. 🙂 





3 – Proficient 

Blends the message and the media digitally, to effectively communicate ideas in a digital medium, while using all the digital tools encouraged for this assignment. 



Did you successfully copy the link to your published page and upload it to MS Teams?  


Yes! I successfully copied the link. 

4 – Extending 

Prepares and shares a creative, positive, informative and useful online portfolio that is available for discussion, peer review and/or collaboration. 


Fully and thoughtfully completes the self-assessment. 


What part of this assignment are you most proud of? And what would you improve if you did it again? 


I am most proud of the quote I chose by Walt Disney, it was very inspirational and related to me most. The thing I would change in my All about me page would be the video, the reason why is because I couldn’t find a good enough video that relates to me. It felt very rushed and it seems like the video doesn’t relate to me at all. 






What overall grade do you feel you have achieved on this assignment? Explain. 


I feel that my overall grade that I’m hoping for would be a B or higher. The grade I think I got would be at least a C because I didn’t put too much effort into it when I was working on it at the time.