Yo, welcome to my about me page where you will learn about me.

The first thing you’ll read about will probably be my favourite quote and then so on you’ll read other things about me and what I find funny as well as what I like.

1) One Of My Favourite Quotes

“Yesterday is History, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift…Thats why they call it the present”

-Master oogway.

I love this quote because to me it means I don’t need to worry about anything except today because yesterday already happened and tomorrow, well we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. and that’s why I like it.

2) Next was to choose a video so I chose this one.

I really liked the office and took me a while to actually settle on one because I like all the openings but I finally decided this one, I just liked how upset and confused Dwight was, it makes me laugh every time.


3) A picture that inspires me/ I like.

foggy forest rain drops sound Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free) 4560698 | Shutterstock

The Picture I Chose Was A Foggy Forest. I chose this photo because this is where I want to go in my life a foggy forest with no one there and light rain in the morning for dramatic effect. You might wonder how this inspires me well to me to me it inspires me to be chill and to be a better person by not letting emotions get to me. (don’t know if that makes sense)


4) Create a Hyperlink:


I picked a Spotify link because to me music is everything to me, its how I fall asleep, how I focus, how I get through school actually how I get through anything. And Spotify has all songs that I like so its actually perfect for me.

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