About Me


1) Meaningful Quote:

Tucker Durkin “to get unexpected results you must practice unexpected behaver.”

I heard this quote while my lacrosse team Fusion West had a zoom meeting with him. In that meeting he talked about collage recruitment for us Canadians, and during the conversation he started to talk about how one of the main ways to differ yourself from others by how hard you work, how much you work and strive to improve. In his terms you have to “do unexpected results you must practice unexpected behaver.”

2) Embedded Video:

The video above is the 2020 highlight tape for the Canadian lacrosse player Josh Byrne who in 202o and 2021 brought his team the Chaos lacrosse club to the PLL championship and won it in 2021. But what makes his 2020 season so special is his between the legs goal in the semi finals against the Archers lacrosse club which at the time broke the lacrosse world for how crazy of a goal it was. And also he’s just a legendary player who scored some of the most creative goals in the PLL.

3) Inspiring Picture:

Why There Will Never Be Another Paul Rabil | USA Lacrosse Magazine

This is a photo of the greatest lacrosse player of all time Paul Rabil. In this photo he is presenting his retirement speech as he retired in September of 2021 after a 14 year career where he won 2 NCAA championships 2 MLL championships 10x all-star and created a professional lacrosse league when he co founded the PLL.

4) Create a Hyperlink:

ECD Lacrosse (ecdlax.com)

ECD is a lacrosse and stick stringing company. This is an important website to me because of how influenced this company has been to the sport of lacrosse by teaching many generation how to string and dye lacrosse heads and there heads shafts changed how players play to day with the top of the line heads and stringing.