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About Me


Meaningful Quote

 “I learned all about life with a ball at my feet”. Ronaldinho.

This quote is meaningful to me because all my life I’ve played soccer, grew up with my team and overall love the game of soccer.

Embedded Video

I chose this video because i love seeing animals happy, plus they are very funny.

Inspiring Picture

This image inspires me because I love Weiner dogs and it inspires me to continue forward no matter what.

Create a Hyperlink


I chose this hyper link because this is a website where i spend most of my time and watching these videos boosts my mood 100% of the time..

5) Self Assessment:

  • Find the self-assessment document in Microsoft Teams
  • Complete the assessment and embed the document here
  • Click on the following button at the top of this editing box to embed it

8) Submit your Blog Link to Microsoft Teams:

  • Copy the URL link and add it to the Microsoft Teams Assignment
  • Remember – this current editing view is not your published page
  • Select the permalink above this text editing area or highlight the URL (https://…) when viewing the public page

OPTIONAL HOW TO: Customize – Tasks (delete all this when done too)

Blog Appearance:

  • Click on Appearance -> Customize

1) Site Identity

  • Edit the title of your blog
  • Do not include your last name in it
  • Try editing your tagline

2) Colours

  • Edit the colour scheme of your blog

3) Header Image

  • Change the picture in your header

4) Background Image

  • Adjust your background image

5) Menus

  • Create a menu structure
  •  select Menu Location -> Primary Menu -> About Me
  • Click Save to ensure it stays with any theme you choose

6) Widgets

  • Locate and see all the widgets on your blog

7) Static Front Page

  • Front Home Page Display is set to -> Static Page
  • Front Page is set to -> About Me
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