About Me

My name is Lucas Bullmore, as of writing this I am in grade 9. My favourite colour is Cyan with pink coming as a close second. In case you couldn’t tell, I like frogs the most out of all other animals because I just enjoy the way they look and act all the time. I like to play video games and I want to learn coding. I don’t really have any goals other than me not failing school because I think that that would be pretty good.

Meaningful Quote

“You aren’t you when you’re hungry.” –  Snickers

I chose this quote because I have realized that when I am hungry I may not be the nicest person. When I’m hungry I choose to put my need for food before others. Snickers has made me realize that sure I’m not me when I’m hungry, but just because I’m hungry doesn’t make it a good excuse to yell at the people who care for me most when I don’t get my Double Big Mac from McDonalds.

Meaningful Video

I chose this video because I like frogs and this frog is funny 🙂

Clown Tree Frog in Characters - UE Marketplace

I chose this picture because I like frogs and this frog is very cute and makes me happy. 😀



I chose to put this link because I personally think that the ocean is worth saving and I don’t think its okay for us humans to just dump our trash into the ocean so the animals that have the ocean as their home can die. think about the frogs that live in or near the ocean, they could die and not be very happy about it. One dollar is one pound of trash removed from the ocean.


Self Assessment 


I don’t care if that imbedding thing didn’t work.