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1) Meaningful Quote: “You don’t lose if you get knocked down; you lose if you stay down” – Muhammad Ali 

This quote said by Muhammad Ali is very meaningful to me not only because I truly believe in his words, but also because in life there are many things that can knock you down, but if you truly want something; you continue to get up and carry on no matter what the situation is, but the moment you give up is when you have truly lost. This quote means so much to me, because it tells me to persevere even if life throws out hard challenges and obstacles, and instead of thinking I “failed” I learn to use it as a learning experience and an opportunity to learn and grow from the mistakes I made. 

Muhammad Ali quote: You dont lose if you get knocked down; you lose...


2) Embedded Video:

Why did I choose this video? I chose this video of a straight piped Honda Civic because it reminds me of going to car meets with my older brother, I really enjoy spending time with him and doing something I love at the same time, which is being around cool cars, I always have fun and have a good experience every time my brother takes me with him to them and I find all the people their very nice and funny. I also chose this video because I find it very fun seeing my brother race those little mosquitos, the video also reminds me of how cool cars are, maybe not the straight piped civic, but you know what I mean. All jokes aside I do really love cars and I am hoping to get into the car scene when I am older. 

This is a picture I took of 2 matching Nissan GTR’s at a car meet I went to with my brother. This photo really inspires me because the cars you see in that image above are the cars I have been dreaming about getting since grade 5. I find this photo really meaningful because it was the first time I saw my dream car up close and in person. I have been really motivated after seeing them in person and have been wanting to eventually buy one for myself one day when I am older for quite a while. And a very huge goal of mine since I was in grade 5 was to hopefully buy myself one before I graduate.

4) Create a Hyperlink: 


I chose my website to be YouTube , YouTube has always been my favorite website, because of how much time it can just waste when your bored; I spend a majority of my day watching YouTube videos, it is also really helpful to use it as a tool for studying such as watching videos on how to find out what a  “covalent compound” or even how to learn algebra, pretty much anything you want is on that platform. You can also just use it as entertainment to cure boredom, by watching vloggers, or gaming videos (which is what I do everyday and all day)  And the best part is you can watch it on almost any device such as, Phones, Laptops, Desktops etc.. 

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5) Self Assessment: 

It was not allowing me to put in the document, so I made a hyperlink that will redirect you towards the self assessment.

Self Assessment