All about Casian

Who am I?

Hey, my name is Casian, I grew up in Poco with my Mom, Dad, and a little brother. I’m always up for an adventure any time of the year and always willing to meet new people and make new friends. I’m a nice person and willing to learn new things if they are interesting to me.

Important stuff to me

The number one most important thing in life to me is my family. My family is always with me through the hardest times and they always make it better. As long as my family is doing good that’s all that matters to me. A very important activity to me is dirt biking its the best way for Me, My Dad, and my brother to have a really good relationship with each other.

What is STEAM?

Steam is a class that teaches you Science Technology Engineering and Math. I took the class becasue those are the classes that i enjoyed in middle school so i decided to try it out. Here is a video to explain STEAM

Why did I choose STEAM?

I decided to choose STEAM because in the future I would like to do something that would help me to start my own business and I figured it would help me out with my future. So far it’s not going as good as I wished it was but ill make sure it starts to get better.

How to Complete Your STEAM website:

Your “STEAM” page contains instructions to help you build your website. As you get more comfortable, this website will become an opportunity to express who you are and share the work you are doing at Fox. As you customize this page DELETE the INSTRUCTIONS so that only your work is published and when you share this page, share the published page (not the edit page).

To edit a page, follow the steps below.

Step 1: To begin editing a page, click “Edit Page” button located at the top of the screen.

Step 2: As you make changes to the page, simply press “Update” on the upper far right side of the page (blue button).

Step 3: Add content and delete the instructions.


Check out the toolbar and try different fonts and sizes.

Click on the toolbar toggle icon to show more toolbar options.

The tool bar toggle button looks like this: 

HOW TO CHANGE THE THEME: Personalize your website. Click on Appearance -> Themes, located on the left-hand side of the screen.

  • Choose a theme that you prefer, and apply it.
  • If you notice that your menus have disappeared, please ask your Digital Learning teacher to help you bring them back or proceed to number 5 below.
  • Please make sure that your design is thoughtful and able to be read easily.
  • Check out the preview before submitting your final version to Microsoft Teams.


  • The easiest way to place a YouTube clip on your website is to copy the URL of the video
  • Paste the URL exactly where you want it on your page
  • If the video box does not appear (embedded) then space out your text before you paste the URL of the video.


  • If you have a picture you want to add to your website already saved on your computer, simply go to the Add Media button located on the top of the page, and follow the steps to upload your picture.
  • If you have Googled an image, click on the image, then click the ‘View Image’ button, then copy the URL, and either add the URL in the Add Media button or paste it into your website.
  • For more detailed information on how to insert images click here

HOW TO MAKE A HYPERLINK (Hyperlinks are text that you can click on, and when you click them, they take you to a website):

  • To hyperlink text or pictures to a website, find a website URL
  • Copy the URL
  • Highlight the word/words or select the picture you would like to turn into a hyperlink
  • Press CTRL + k or click on the ‘chain link’ button on the toolbar
  • This will attach the copied web URL to the text.
  • For more detailed information on how to create a hyperlink click here


  • Click on Upload Document and find the document you want to embed.
  • After choosing it, click on the blue select button in the bottom right.
  • You should see some coded text in the space where you want the document to appear.
  • Click on update and preview changes to see the embedded document on your page.


  • Copy the URL link to your published About Me Page and submit it to your Digital Learning teacher through Microsoft Teams.
  • Remember, this current editing page is not your published page, you want to either select the permalink above this text editing area or highlight the URL (https://…) when you are viewing the public page.

HOW TO CHANGE YOUR WEBSITE APPEARANCE: 1) Website Appearance: If you would like to personalize the appearance of your website. Click on Appearance -> Customize, located on the left hand side of the screen. 1) Site Identity – This is where you can edit the title of your website. Please choose an appropriate title, that does not have both your first and last name in it. You can also edit your tagline. Your tagline is a very short sentence that gives the viewer a snapshot

2) Colours – Edit the colour scheme of your website.

3) Header Image – This is where you can add and change the picture that is being used in your header.

4) Background Image – This is where you can adjust your background image.

5) Menus – You can create multiple menu structures. For simplicity, let’s stick to 1. Make sure you select Menu Location -> Primary Menu -> About Me. Then click Save. This will ensure your menu stays the same, even after adjusting the theme.

6) Widgets – Locate and see all the widgets on your website.

7) Static Front Page – Front Home Page Display is set to -> Static Page and Front Page is set to -> About Me

DON’T FORGET to delete extra instructional text (after you have used it): Please delete any instructional text that was here before you started editing. Remember this is your page, so make it your own! Publish only work that you have added, typed, uploaded or pasted here.