Class Projects

these are the projects I worked on during 2021 and early 2022. This powerpoint is a collage of photos and descriptions I put together to show off some of my projects

Here are some recent updates to mine and Dks passion project. Everything from the project earlier is still around but as we went on we started to change up the theme of the brand, making it become less of a celebration of Virgil Abloh (the inspiration to our project) and more of a celebration of the culture he created and helped grow. Now we are focused on the sense of belonging the streets and night time give to many youth today as it did virgil then. Hints why are brand has more of a Graffiti street style unlike it had before.


This right here is a wood carving me and Dk made on the CNC machine. We thought it would be nice to have some sort of physical form for our brand logo and it is something we can keep to remember this project.

Here is one of biggest updates about the brand! We added a new member to the team. After a long discussion with me Dk and Brendan, me and Dk decided to add Brendan to our group. He has been very helpful to the team and has made us more productive. Down below is one of the things Brendan has produced for our brand

This right here is a 3d printed version of our logo. Logo designed by Dk and me. 3d printed by Brendan. Right now with the brand we are testing out with some of the machines around the drafting room and we are taking advantage of it because it is getting our logo out there as much as possible.


This is our finalized t shirt design for our release, as I was talking about this t shirt has a lot more of a street look to it than some of the original designs we had. I think the first t shirt was a success. It has nice colors and it stands out compared to other t shirts. The design is also unique compared to other brands, I personally haven’t seen a t shirt like this on person before. If you’d like a better look at our t shirt and website check out

1 point perspective drawing.  I chose to do a city because I thought it would look good in a 1 point perspective. It took about 2 classes to draw.

This right here is my 2 point perspective drawing. I decided to do some markets because i thought it would look good. This one also took around 2 days.

This right here is the garden scale drawing I worked on with Russell. What me and Russell did was went out to the garden made measurements of all the boxes and things like that, then we observed the plants and found out what plants were and where they were planted. I drew my scale as 1.5cm:1.