About Me

1) Meaningful Quote:

Autocorrect can go straight to he’ll.


I chose this quote because autocorrect is something I have to deal with everyday and it makes life so much harder.

2) Embedded Video:

I chose this video because I watched this with a friend a long time ago we watched it with closed captions and we found it funny how bad they were messed up.

3) Inspiring Picture:

I choose this picture because its one of the pictures I took and edited its of one of the lakes near my grandparents area in Castlegar and reminds me of the family that lives out there.

4) Create a Hyperlink:

Prima La Spada School Of Sword Play

This website is important to me because I’m really interested in sword and bladed fighting. Me and my dad used to do sword fighting classes every Wednesday after school. I also know the instructor from when I was in a scouting group.

5) Self Assessment:

TFS Digital Learning