Drafting and CLE 10

These are the projects that I did in drafting this year.
One – Point Perspective
Two – Point Perspective
Three – Point Perspective
These are the perspective drawings that we did at the beginning of the year,  for the second one I used a sharpie.
I did the maze and the activities related to it on paper, but I don’t have the printed maze, so I uploaded a picture of the maze from AutoCAD.
Isometric Drawings
This was the Isometric drawing practice.
Each of these stickers I made as a logo, The first one is Pac-Man, the second is a goose logo that I borrowed off of the internet, and the third one is my own personal logo.
Laser Tag
The laser tag is double sided with a Canadian flag on the front and my personal logo on the back, it’s made as a keychain.
Laser Coin
The coin is a double sided loonie (one dollar coin).
3-D Printed Windmill
This is my windmill.
Me and my friend printed some furniture for this tower floor.
My grade 10 projects.
Egg drop
This is my group’s egg drop, it has a dry sponge on the bottom, a body made of taped straws and an openable parachute. Our egg survived.
1, 2 and 3 point perspectives.
These are my perspective drawings, I am more proud of them this year.
Celestial Body (Ton 618) Model.
This project was for science but me and Mayth made the model in drafting. It has a black 3-d printed sphere and a painted cardboard ring for the black hole’s accretion disk.
Gravity Car
This is our gravity car me and Mayth made. We launched it down a ramp, our efficiency was 67%.
Bath Bomb
I made a hollow knight bath bomb, I printed and tested it but don’t have a picture of the physical model, this is the model in fusion. It’s double sided, one side is larger than the other so it clamps down to form the mold. It didn’t work because the horns were thin and the head was not a round shape.