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I’d made Family Friendly game about a Beaver before this, but when I tried to put it online it got torn apart by a few prominent reviewers. People said that the main character looked like a scary animatronic animal. I was heartbroken and was ready to give up on game-making. Then one night something just snapped in me, and I thought to myself-I bet I can make something a lot scarier than that…

-Quote by Scott Cawthon-


Oh boy, Scott and FNaF… Where do I even start? I believe FNaF came up to my radar about four years ago. Some time after FNaF 2 came out. After using a picture of Withered Bonnie to gain my friends friendship I continued watching¬†YouTubers play the games, make theories on them and so on. FNaF, in general has been such a crucial part of my life. So of course I almost idolize the creator of these games. The best thing is, there’s still going to be more games, more stories and more lore!




 ( Sorry about profanity, I thought it was fine. )


The clip is from

1:22 – 2:10

I have been watching Vanoss for quite a long time and he always seems to bring me laughs with him and his friends hilarious hijinks.¬† Like in this clip Vanoss’s friend, Terroriser is “singing” a horrible song about his stupid car. Vanoss walks up to the sidewalk, pulling out an RPG. Once Terroriser shows up Vanoss blows him up. Terroriser freaks out and Vanoss and Wildcat laugh until Wildcat shoots Vanoss down. Overall, It was a very funny scene that I always think about when I think Vanoss.





This is Batman

He is my small child and I love him very dearly. He is a fluffy baby who takes the most epic of naps. One of his favorite things to do is nap with our other cat, Kai. Sometimes Batman will even sleep under the covers. But recently he has been most entranced by our new automatic litter box. All it’s movement and lights make him think it’s a big cat toy.

My first reflection on my existence.

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