“You have no control. Who lives, 
who dies, who tells your story.”
― Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton: The Revolution
this is a quote from one of my favorite musicals Hamilton
it also helps me realize that i might not always be
in control of my life.

This video all ways makes me smile and it can make me laugh
 even if i don't feel like laughing. It is also something
 that reminds me of my Dad. 

this photo show that even though there is a bunch of bad
things happening in the world but you can always find
something worth looking at.

this is a sight called Friv and it is a site that you can play lodes of 
mini games on. this i think was one of the things
that got me into video games. i would play Friv with my
 sister and we would have lodes of fun doing so. that is
 why i picked it for my page. 
(if you want to play Friv click here)