About Me


Quote ♥

“The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.”

i chose this quote because whenever i do things like homework for example once i complete it i feel good about myself and once i finish it i feel relived of          stress.


Video ♥ 

i chose this video because i love to eat noodles. ramen is my favorite food and these are also fun to watch because its tiny cooking.


picture ♥

Image result for eiffel tower

i chose this picture because i have always wanted to go to Paris and see the Eiffel tower because i think its so pretty and im part french and i also love noodles like i said before and Paris have LOTS of noodles like spaghetti and thing so i also really want to eat in Paris and they have good bread too.


Hyperlink ♥

My favorite website is cool math games

this website is meaningful to me because when i was little i used to always play this game in computer class because it was the only game we were aloud to play because it was cool “math” games. its a very fun website that has alot of cool games on it!

that was my about me page! <3 thanks for reading