Digital learning / Mr Cheng                                                                                                                                   Lucas Sastre Gr9

                                      Reflection 2

During this first semester, I´ve been using the technologies for many thinks, in order for many thinks.  But if I would have to headline some subject in where we used the technologies for many thinks it would be definitely Spanish.

In this subject, we used the technologies for many thinks,  as to play Kahoot and Quizlet live two great learning games platforms were while we were playing we also were learning.

In this subject, we also used the technologies to translate some words.

Another subject ill like to highlight is English, in this subject we used the technologies fro many think as.

  1. Upload the homework and the assignments in fresh grade.
  2. Send emails to our group members about work. Also, send some works to the teacher
  3. Use Word and Powerpoint.

In what leadership it refers we used the technologies to watch some movies with the projector.