About Me

  •  Meaningful Quote:
Practice like you've never won, perform like you've never lost-Bernard Asuncion

I chose this quote for many reasons. Not only because it is a great and inspiring quote, but also because it is a good lesson and word of advice, for everyday life. It is important to have motivation in what you are doing and I believe this is also what this quote is trying to say.  

  •  Favourite Video:

This video contains many plays and interesting games of volleyball. I chose this video because I am very passionate about volleyball. And I find this video very intriguing. It is not only a form of entertainment but I can also learn from it.

  • Inspiring Picture:

    I chose this picture because it is very inspiring and sends a great message.  Especially as this protest lasted long and people came together to spread awareness about a serious cause. Even through doubt and nonsupporting peers. It was a big wake up call to the world and it inspires me to do better.


  • Create a Hyperlink:

I chose this hyperlink because it is a link to an organization, who gives back to the community and helps people in need. It also spreads awareness about many important causes. Which I find very important. This hyperlink is informative and gives important supplies to many different areas of the world.


  •  Self Assessment: