About Me


“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” – Bob Ross

Everyone has something that they are not good at. Just like everyone, I have many things that I don’t feel confident, because of  mistakes I make while doing that. Whenever I make any kind of mistake, I feel depressed and tired. The quote would be needed people who feel depressed about their mistakes such as me, as the quote says we don’t make any mistakes but happy little accidents which would make you improve.

This is a music video of Mamamoo‘s song “Yes I Am“. I am a big fan of Mamamoo, and this is my favourite music video of Mamamoo. The reason this is my favourite MV, not the favourite song, is that I love all songs by Mamamoo, whether it is dark or lively. This is so lively and colorful that everything in this inspires me to draw.

This is the closing pose of Mamamoo’s newest performance called “Destiny”. I am gonna draw this one day, because the poses and clothes look really fun to draw. Objects or people which I love give me a lot of inspirations and determination to try my best.

I have a lot of illustrators that I love, and one of them is whom called “Mood. Doop“, as her name shows her artworks’ mood is very ‘Doop’. Her drawing style is so soft, melancholic, and realistic. Hope you check her out if you are interested.