About Me

1) Meaningful Quote:

“If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you.” – Les Brown

I believe this quote is saying that if you decide you want to do something and keep at it, you will surprise yourself on how well you can succeed at it. I chose this quote because goal setting is going to be a big part of my grade 9 year and for the years to come. Taking steps towards my goals are often times difficult for me because of procrastination. And unfortunately, this caused a lot of issues for me in middle school. I would leave many of my assignments to the last minute and most of the time end up having it WAY overdue. As a result, it caused me to have major stress and anxiety.  And it’s now become a bigger problem of mine thanks to this pandemic. Coming into high school isn’t helping much either. Teachers won’t chase me to get my assignments in on time like they did in middle school. But to look on the bright side, with this new ADHD medication I’m taking, it’s helping me get my work done on time or sometimes even finished in class. That really lifts a weight off my back and makes me think to myself, “Wow, I actually CAN do this!”.

2) Embedded Video:

I chose this video because Camman18 is one of my favourite YouTubers. If I need to be cheered up, this is one of the people I will watch online to do that exact thing. October 2021 had its ups and downs. When it had its downs, I would often times find myself scrolling through YouTube and watching Camman18. I ended up finding something in common in every video I watched on their channel: They made me feel better. Just for a moment, I would forget why I was upset in the first place.  The reasons why Camman18 cheers me up: 1. They make me laugh, and 2. They give themselves a challenge to do (E.G: Minecraft, But Water And Lava Are Switched), set a goal, and try to complete it. Watching Camman 18’s videos remind me that if I put my mind to something, I can complete it. No matter how hard I think it is.

3) Inspiring Picture:

This picture inspires me because I took this photo at a space museum and thought to myself, “Space is so big that it never stops growing. But if you just take a small bit of it and put it in a square, you see the small beautiful features of space that you can’t really see when you look at the entirety of it.” This is the photo that defines my imagination. When I took this photo, it made me feel incredible. The colours, lighting and sparkles go together like peanut butter and jam. It’s a beautiful picture, and I’m so happy that I was the one to take it.

4) Create a Hyperlink: 


I chose this hyperlink because this is the website I go to when I want to watch my screen recordings from my Xbox. Most of them are from the video game Fortnite that I love to play, even though sometimes I think I’m not the best at it. When I watch those recordings, I realize I’m much better at the game than I think I am when I play it. Most of those recordings are of me hitting these insane shots on my friends. One particular friend of mine is way better at the game than I am and destroys me whenever we’re playing against each other. And most of my screen recorded shots are against that one friend, which makes them 10x better. If this website didn’t exist, I would have to watch them on my Xbox, which is so much more laggy!


5) Self Assessment: