Digital Citizenship


1. What is disinformation?

Disinformation is to mislead others with false information, typically targeted towards an influential public audience through the media. It is frankly negative propaganda, a corrupt and often destructive form of fake news.

2. How does disinformation impact a community?

It can lead to negative misunderstandings and thus, dismay and conflict within and between the people involved. It commonly causes angst and hostility with debates and doubt, sabotaging close and casual relationships.

3. Find and describe a recent real-world example where disinformation impacted a community.

a. Quote the resources in your writing or podcast. You may use or other reputable sources to confirm your stories, such as the CBC, Global, CTV, BBC, PBS or NYT.

During the 2016 election in the United States of America, Donald Trump tweeted this image:

The facts stated in this image – specifically the illustration and statistic suggesting that black males are violent and dangerous, and police are nearly innocent when it comes to black murders – are certainly and entirely untrue. The source “Crime Statistics Bureau” does not exist, but is displayed to pass as reliable. The authentic statistics (provided by the FBI for the United States of America in 2015) evidently rival these facts as well.

This promoted the racist idea to the public eye – particularly those on Twitter and Donald Trump’s audience – that black males are “terrorists” and a threat to society.


PolitiFact | Trump’s Pants on Fire tweet that blacks killed 81% of white homicide victims

4. Give an example/share an experience of how disinformation impacted you or your community.

My uncle and cousins are unfortunately unvaccinated due to conspiracy theories about COVID-19 vaccines containing fetal tissue. This has caused resentment and disconnection within our family and circle of friends.

5. How would you help your fellow classmates identify and stop the spread of disinformation?

By informally discussing with and educating them to the best of my ability about credible news with common sense and compassion. I can clarify information in a supportive manner, relating to their appeals while also informing them of and confirming the facts of ideas such as COVID-19 mandates and social media affirmations.

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