Course Overview

Digital Learning

Here at Terry Fox Secondary, we are excited to embark on an educational journey to meet the new B.C. curriculum standards. To achieve these standards, we will be integrating digital literacy skills into classes and flex to streamline the process. As well as the new core competency goals students will be learning about online blogging, cyber-bullying recognition and prevention, what it means to be a Digital Citizen and other useful concepts and tools to aid them in the thriving technological world of today.

The following is a list of digital learning academic competencies integrated into our classes:

Digital Tools and Skills

  • Create a presentation that includes quality supporting information.
  • Learn basic computational skills to support adopting new applications.

Digital Citizenship

  • Demonstrate skills essential for safety and security in the digital world; protection of passwords and personal privacy.
  • Express personal views and perspectives of themselves and as an online author

Digital Collaboration

  • Participate in online discussions in a value-added manner
  • Create products that demonstrate types of online collaboration

Digital Journalism

  • Evaluate the authenticity and reliability of information and the most appropriate format to share findings
  • Organize, evaluate, analyse and synthesize/filter for the purpose of curating information.


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