About Me


1) Meaningful Quote:

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”

I chose this quote because it has a positive meaning to it. It is almost like another way of saying to look on the bright side. If you are positive then you won’t have negativity getting in the way of your life.


2) Embedded Video:


I chose this video because I find it very funny, and I can laugh at it every time I see it.



3) Inspiring Picture:

This is a photo of my dog. I think this picture of her is funny, it is a picture that has been zoomed in on from far away. I like to look at it when I want to laugh at something.



4) Create a Hyperlink:

Character Prompts

This website is important to me because I enjoy drawing, and this can help me to get ideas of where to go with my drawings. It really helps me when I need inspiration.


5) Self Assessment:

02 – About Me Page reflection

this is a link to the self assessment 🙂