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Always remember you are BRAVER than you believe, STRONGER than you think and SMARTER than you think. -Winnie the Pooh

I chose this quote because it is very special to me. Especially because the very inspiring Winnie the Pooh wrote it. I first discovered this quote when I was around ten years old. I have it hanging up on a frame in my room. It was the first ever quote that felt like it spoke to me. I love to read it over and over to inspire me and motivate me. I know this quote by heart and it helps me in the toughest situations.


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The reason I chose the Iron Man movie trailer is because it is my favorite movie. It has some great songs a great feeling to it. Whenever I am sick or away from school, my dad and I watch the Iron Man movies. I love marvel movies and this one was the first Marvel movie I saw and is the reason why I love marvel. I enjoy all the other Iron man movies to, but this is my all time favorite.

Inspiring Picture

I chose this inspiring picture because it makes me feel very calm. In the summer time I always go to Osoyoos! This picture reminds me of the mornings in Osoyoos and listening to the waves hit the sand. It makes me feel very inspired and happy. This picture also looks very beautiful with the clear water and gorgeous blue tone. It also reminds me of the ocean in Hawaii.

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All recipes is a website that I use most of the time for all of my baking recipes. I find it very helpful in times when I need to quickly whip something up. It is very beneficial because it shows you all the ingredients, steps, videos, portions and reviews. Additionally, it is a secure website! I still very much love to use my moms cooking and baking books, although when I cant find the right recipe this is my go to website. This website means a lot to me because it is fun to try new things and I enjoy looking at all the new ideas and interesting things to make.