Passion Project Blog

4/20/23: Today, I watched a video on how to make a moving sprite that moves in the corresponding direction (WASD). I created the main characters sprite, as well. You can the video by pressing the date. smile

4/26/32: Using a Youtube video, I added collisions to my game that stops the player when they hit a wall. Again, you can view the video by pressing the date.


4/24/32: This week I made my sprite animate to make it look like its actually walking instead of a still image. I also made the title screen logo.

Here are my sprites

2/5/23: I added a title screen (it was my first attempt at pixel art its bad)

4/5/23: Today I added a transition when you press the “play”¬† button on the title screen. It leads to a cutscene.

9/5/23: Today was a big day. I added the character into the game, and hes in a room. I also added the border function in the room, so you cant go through walls.

Heres my title screen

10/5/23: I added text boxes that appear when you press a button while colliding with an object. You can now interacts with objects when you press a button 

15/5/23: This week I added a new room aswell as some colllision fixes (you could go through walls and it looked really weird). Overall, I would say I am about 75% done.

23/5/23: After sweat and tears, I have finally completed the demo. Making a game is much harder than I thought. I didnt get everything i wanted in the game, but I tried my best. You can view it below.