About Me

1) Meaningful Quote:

“No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.”
― Taylor Swift

I chose this quote by Taylor Swift because I live by this motto, I truly believe that being a generally good person and being a kind person doesn’t have any downsides. Being remembered as a truly good person is a great legacy. Taylor swift is somebody who inspires me, and this quote by her is something that I hope to exude for the rest of my life.


2) Embedded video:


I chose this video because longboarding/skateboarding is one of my favourite hobbies and seeing other women in male-dominated hobbies is very cool and inspiring. I want to learn to be as experienced on a longboard and be able to do the same tricks myself.


3) Inspiring Picture:

This photo inspires me because I’m excited to live a quiet life. This photo reminds me of a dream that I have to live in a cottage with a big bay window surrounded by plants.


4) Create a Hyperlink:

  • This is the website I chose for my hyperlink. this website is important to me because NAACP is an organization that I have done projects on and is an organization I have done much research on. It’s important because the website is a very educational resource to learn about inequality and racism in general. I think having websites that help educate and learn about important matters that are prevalent today.


5) Self Assessment: