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Its never too late to go back to sleep.

A while ago I was at my friends house to stay the night. When i woke up the next morning he was asleep so I woke him up. He wasn’t very happy. after we got breakfast he got up and told me he was going back to bed. I told him its too late to go back to sleep to which he replied “its never too late to go back to sleep.”


I chose this video because I love hockey and I think one of the best parts of Hockey is the fights and hits. to see players get physical just makes the whole atmosphere more energetic.


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I chose this because I love playing guitar and also love AC/DC. I can play a few of their songs. I also chose this because when my parents were deciding a name for me one name choice was Angus because my dad thought it was funny.


Well, when Life Gives You Lemons! Funny Cereal Vine – YouTube

I chose this because one time I was at my cousins house he showed this to my sister and I. at first she didn’t understand it. about five hours later she finally got it and we all laughed for a ridiculous amount of time.