Character In Action





Digital Learning Curricular Competency: Personal and Social Responsibility 

Digital Citizenship: Character in Action  

Proficiency Level Description  Reflection Questions for Students: 

1 – Attempting 


Demonstrates an understanding of a digital pillar. 


What pillar did you choose? 



 The pillar that I used for this assignment was leadership.  



2 – Developing 


Able to connect the digital pillar to achieving a healthy and positive digital environment. 


How did you represent the pillar in your logo/symbol?  


 I represented the pillar by showing a crowd of people being lead by one persons actions by making them stand out with red against the blue. Showing that everyone has an impact online.  

3 – Proficient 


Expresses personal views and perspectives as a positive digital citizen. 

Aware of how a positive online reputation can be an asset that should be developed and managed effectively to support aspirations. 


Why is it important to consider your pillar while interacting online? 


Your choices can butterfly affect on others and can impact the future of the online experience.  

4 – Extending 


Assignment is proficient and is effectively and creatively displayed on student website. 


**Self Reflection is complete 

Did you complete all aspects of this assignment and properly embed the document on your website? 







What overall grade (out of 4) do you feel you have achieved on this assignment? Explain. 


I believe that I have achieved a 4 on this assignment due to the fact that I completed every task on the assignment and put my work on my website successfully.