Digital Citizenship

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What is disinformation? Disinformation is information that is false that is spread with the knowledge that is false. For example, war propaganda would be considered disinformation because it projects a negative light on the other side of the war making said war sound justifiable in the country’s society. Disinformation impacts a community by affecting everybody in said community by twisting the truth for profit. For example, disinformation has been used in the past to make people afraid of people who are different from others. In the past, white medical professionals of the time would spread false information about people of colour and make up incorrect “facts” on purpose to create a negative and untruthful book cover on an entire race. In my experience people who are in the LGBTQ community are not taken seriously in a lot of ways. Our relationships are considered not on par with a heterosexual relationship. Even though the concept of a same sex relationship has been around for centuries and exists within multiple species. Yet still people believe that is an influenced choice with a black and white result. After years of conditioning people to perceive queer people as bad, the words ‘gay’ and ‘queer’ are now a days known as insults. Calling someone or something gay is bad as a result of years or fear mongering and disinformation. I would help my peers on the identification and prevention of spreading harmful wrong facts by asking them to check their resources and ask them whether they obtained their information from a reliable source. I would also check to see what purpose the disinformation is trying to accomplish whether that be by advertisement or other means. 

Proficiency Level Description  Reflection Questions for Students: 

1 – Attempting 

Uses digital tools and resources to accomplish the assigned tasks. 


Describe the digital learning goal(s) in this assignment. 



The digital goal of this assignment was to spread awareness of disinformation and the dangers of spreading false information with the purpose to hurt people.  



2 – Developing 

Able to Identify digital tools, apps, and procedures used when they created the message. 



Identify the digital tools, apps and procedures you used to complete this assignment. 



Over this assignment I used word, my past experiences, and the internet to complete this assignment.  





3 – Proficient 

Explores, experiments, and innovates while generating imaginative approaches, techniques, artifacts, or content through the application of digital literacy skills. 





Compare the effectiveness and efficiency of the podcasts 


Personally, usage of the podcast medium I find does not work with this assignment. The written format works better with question answer type assignment while the story/more nuanced topics that can be discussed works more with a podcast. If I were to find more information on disinformation, my next step would either be to search online to find articles from news publications or independent researchers and YouTube videos that combine audio and visual aspect to learning so I can comprehend and learn. My first thought would not be to find a podcast  

4 – Extending 

Able to justify and reflect on the selection and use of digital tools based on their efficiency and effectiveness. 


Add your audio to your Edublog Portfolio. Please provide the link in Teams. 


How could a digital platform be important? What did you consider when curating your website? (Did you simply put your link onto a page?) 


The digital platform has the ability to outlive us unlike physical documents.  






What grade do you think you have achieved on this assignment? 



I have broken the recording segments into five parts