-Meaningful Quote-

“You never fail until you stop trying”.

-Albert Einstein

I chose this quote because it is like putting a mirror up to my life. I hate quitting things it doesn’t matter what it is if I have made a commitment I stick with it and always keep trying. I feel like this quote is very accurate because you will never fail if you never give up you can achieve anything you put your mind to.


-Embedded Video-

Top 10 Incredible Goals Of The Season – YouTube

I chose this video because I find it really entertaining and fun to watch. It is amazing to see all of the amazing goals that are scored in professional soccer across the world.

(I couldn’t get the video to embed I watched videos on how to do it and I still couldn’t quite get it.)


-Inspiring Photo-

See the source image

This picture inspires me in many ways the biggest being working up to my goals and expectation and when I get there how great it will be. It also inspires me to be better for my team and myself for not only soccer but all sports I play. This is so because I would rather let down myself a million times rather then let down my team once. This picture shows the players celebrating as a team because you win as a team and you also lose as a team no matter what.


-Create a Hyperlink-

I chose this website because it has helped me through so much boredom and times where I had nothing better to do. I honestly don’t know how I found it but I am thankful that I did


-Self Assessment-