All About Me

Hello, I’m River Christie, a rugby player that loves to read and write, mostly recipes for baking, I’m also a grade nine in STEAM, which in my eyes is a program where you use all of the subjects you learn at once, we have passion projects and do a lot of experiments. It’s to have students work together and see that you can make a mistake without having the world end. I chose to join STEAM as my second choice, I tried to get into Charles Best for their rugby team but I didn’t get in sadly. After I applied for cross catchment my teacher told me that there was a program at Terry Fox called ‘steam’. I applied after I was told I didn’t get into Charles Best, after I got into STEAM and went to school I saw that it wasn’t that bad. After the second week of school, I met a couple of friends and started to like STEAM even more since I wasn’t alone all time. I feel like once I got my friends I began to do more work, and try better in school, I’m a person that thinks if you have people with you everything is better so I try my best so they don’t leave. They inspire me to do better than I ever thought I could be; I think I would’ve never gotten to where I am without some of these people. My friends and teachers have helped me adapt to high school and manage my time, they’re critical to me. Rugby is all important to me, the players that help me when I’m down, both on the pitch and in school. The coaches teach me life lessons that make me feel like they aren’t just there because they have to be, they actually care. I feel like I’m going to have a great year.