Grade Ten Drafting Portfolio

Here are all of the projects we have done in drafting.

First, we have perspective drawings, we made a one-point, two-point, and three-point.

Here are my two and three-point

Next, we have an egg drop.

During the second week of school, we were tasked with making something that would keep an egg safe from a five-ish meter drop. How my group did this was a container with equal parts cornstarch and water, we put the egg in the container and then put the container in a bag full of air to lighten the fall. We were the first group to have the egg survive.

Here is a picture of how it looked before the drop

We also had to make a gravity car

In our drafting class, we had to create a car that works best with gravity and would be the fastest, sadly ours wasn’t that fast but did have a good design and the fastest car was the same design. We used AutoCAD and the laser box we have at school to make the car to print and cut out all of the walls. For the front wheel, we had to design it using fusion 360 and a 3D printer, my group didn’t have an axel for our front wheel but instead glued it to the body which worked pretty well honestly. 

Here is my Earth model

We had to make models of a planet or object from our solar system for our science and drafting class so me and my partner chose the Earth. To make it we used a plastic ball and painted it to look like the world we live in. After this, we had to present it along with a poster board that we made.

The project we made next was a bath bomb

We started this project in drafting by making a mold for a bath bomb, I went through five designs before I got one that I liked and worked as a bath bomb mold without it falling apart. Once I got to my final design it took me printing four to get the correct size of the walls, the height, thickness, and how the details should look. After this, we made the bath bombs in science and had a lot of extra so we made pucks that we videoed how the reaction went. Sadly the pucks didn’t have enough liquid in them so they fell apart when we took them out of the mold but our personal ones worked out great.