Passion Project Reflection

How did your entire project go?
What would you have done differently? What worked out?
The project went well, I enjoyed the building, creating and painting aspect. But it was a bit rushed at the end. 
How was the event?
Did the day/event go as you thought it would? What was different compared to what you expected? Were your expectations met and how?
Yes, I thought it would be much more chaotic, but we got a few good questions from a couple of the kids. My expectations were met, but it would be nice if the kids were a little less touchy.
What would you do differently or keep?
What are your future plans with this project? Are there any?
 the library could be rearranged so similar projects were put together, that would make it more organized. I don’t really have a plan form my next passion project yet.
How was the process?
How did your planning of your project go? Did you follow your plan? Did you have one? Did your plan help you?
We did have a plan that was fairly lose. We ad to modify the plan as we went along. The plan did help us in the start and keep on track.
How was your presentation?
How did your presentation go? Were you able to present easily? Did you feel unprepared? Did you feel your project was captivating enough to grab viewers attention?
Presenting went sort of well. the down side of our project is that our mechanics were not working the day of. Showing more of the art helped to pull attention away from the problems.